Resonance has released the answer key and questions for JEE Main 2019 Paper 1 exam held on April 10, 2019. After the exam is over on April 10, 2019, in shift 1 and 2, many coaching centers like the Resonance, Career Point and Vibrant Academy release the memory based answers and questions.

Apart from the answer keys and question papers, a detailed analysis of each day is also released. The answer and questions are available in the PDF format over the official website of the respective coaching centers. The answers keys are based on the questions that the coaching centers collect from the students based on their memories.

The candidates have to enter some basic information over the websites to get the answer keys. For example, resonance asks for the candidates’ email id, mobile number, name, etc before letting the candidates get the answer key PDF. Similarly Aakash and Vibrant ask for the details like name, mobile number, and email ids.

Once the candidates fill in the data they can get the PDF download link and get the memory based answer and questions. These answer keys are for the initial information and to give the candidates a rough idea of their raw scores in the exam so that they can judge their performance in the exam up to some extent.

However, the candidates must note that the result of JEE Main 2019 will not be based on the raw scores. But they will be based on the normalized scores of the candidates in the exam. NTA is normalizing the score of the candidates as the exam is being held over various shifts and thus the level difficulty may vary in all the shifts. Thus, to calculate the marks of the candidates fairly, the normalization of the scores are done.

National Testing Agency (NTA) will be uploading the response sheets and the question papers of the candidates at Using the same the candidates see their actual response and questions that were asked in the exams. The response sheet and the question papers will be made available inside the login of the candidates. The candidates can get them by entering their application number and password/date of birth in the login window.


So far the level of the exam has remained moderate as per the initial analysis. The paper 1 exam started on April 08, 2019. the exam will be ending on April 12, 2019. The exam is being held in 2 shifts each day. The first shift is from 9:30 Am to 12:30 PM and the second shift is from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM.

The exam has been held on April 08, 09 and 10, 2019. On these 3 days, the difficulty level of the exam has been moderate. Chemistry was the easiest section throughout, Mathematics was in the range of Moderate to difficult and the most difficult section was that of Physics.

Here are the topics from which most of the questions were asked until now:

Physics: Most of the questions asked were from Thermodynamics, Optics, Mechanics, Electrostatics and EM Waves, Force, Speed and distance, Logic gates, Series and Parallel. In physics, the candidates had to solve many numerical based questions. the questions were not direct by were mostly concept based.

Tip: Physics was tricky in most of the shifts. Therefore, keep most of the time in the exam for the same.

Chemistry: Most of the questions came from the Organic part, s,p,f block, nomenclature, there were many reactions based questions, IUPAC naming type questions and Polymers related questions were also asked.

Tip: Chemistry is mostly direct and NCERT based. Thus, the candidates just need to focus on their speed and accuracy in this section.

Mathematics: In maths, most of the questions were from coordinate geometry, complex numbers, trigonometry, 3D, differential equations, Integration and relations, and functions. Mathematics remained moderate throughout the 3 days. Some questions were tricky and needed some thinking.

Tip: Keep up the speed and apply concepts while solving the questions