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Approximately 13.5 lakh students in class 12 and 16.5 lakh students in class 10 passed the jury exams in 2019.

The class 10 and 12 exams for the Bihar Board for the 2018-19 academic year begin today. In time, the exams were conducted in two intervals. The first slot is from 9:30 to 12:45 and the second slot is from 13:45 to 17:00. Examinations of the tenth class of the Bihar board began with English subjects. While the exams of the twelfth class began with the branches of Biology, Hindi, Philosophy and Entrepreneurship in the fields of science, vocational training, arts and professional training.

The council began the examinations and, therefore, taking into account the trends of the previous year, the Bihar Council introduced new measures to avoid pitfalls. The loss of questions affects the review process and also delays the notification of the result.

Therefore, by the year 2019, the Bihar board of directors prepared the 10 different groups of questions. Each set has different questions. This would reduce the risk of document leakage. Even if the papers have leaked, the student will not be able to identify who will receive the day of the exam. At the same time, the Bihar board presented the copies of the bar code responses, which include the student’s details in printed form. Instead of completing the OMR questionnaire, students must enter support for the exam, the candidate’s signature and the test number.

The implementation of these steps will definitely reduce the risk of leaks in the questionnaire and improve the execution process.

The list is not complete here. The Bihar board also urged teachers not to take their cell phones to the examination room. Students who go to the exams are not allowed to wear socks and shoes.


Before entering into the examination hall the students will be checked twice and at the same time declaration will be taken that he/ she has checked the student and no restricted items found. In case if found so after the declaration then he or she will be suspended.

The board has also planned to introduce the ‘Exam Centre Locator’ mobile application to access the exam centre across the state. The process is under construction.

Bihar Board has also made the changes in the pattern of the question paper. Decrease the number of High Order Thinking Skills (HOTs) questions and increase the number of long type questions. In the question paper, there are a total of 27 subjective questions of 3 to 5 marks. The students provided a choice to attempt any 15 questions only. By introducing these changes Bihar Board is aiming in the increment of passing percentage as compared to the last year.

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