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Bennett University successfully conducted Youth and Truth-Unplug, on February 07,2019, in collaboration with the Isha Foundation. Sadhguru enlightened students about anxiety, anguish, addiction to online games and taboos that are not discussed in the classroom.More than 650 students, from B.Tech, BA Mass Communication, BBA and BBA LLB (Hons), BA LLB (Hons), attended the event, which led to a packed spiritual session at the Bennett University auditorium. The event began with the performance of ‘Dooba Dooba’ and ‘Na Ja Bewafa’ by my famous singer Mohit Chauhan. Following him, Sadhguru took a question and answer session with the students of the University.The questions dealt with issues of daily life, such as parents’ disapproval of tattoos to break the heart and addiction to the PUBG and its impact, etc. Sadhguru gave witty answers, which simplified these problems for the students.It also motivated students to take responsibility for themselves. When asked a question about how to deal with anxiety, Sadhguru replied that each of us should take responsibility for his mental health. He continued explaining the importance of mental health and that, like physical health, it is the responsibility of individuals to take care of it. Anxiety and depression is very common in students these days. In this open session, the students got an ear and a voice that listens to them and responds to them.

In the addiction to PUBG, he claimed that killing animated people online is not heroic. According to him, a generation that spends 4 to 6 hours in this, will not be the smartest race. However, he also explained that playing a game for a few hours is not a problem, but his addiction is problematic.

In general, seeing the crowd that was not only inside the auditorium but also on campus watching the live broadcast of the event through several screens was very motivated after tonight at Bennett University.

Bennett University was founded in 2016 by the Times of India Group. The university now offers graduate and postgraduate programs for students interested in the field of engineering, law, communication, etc. The university is also linked to some of the international institutes such as the Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. UU., Cornell University Law School, EE. UU , Babson Global, USA.

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