GATE or the Aptitude Test for University Graduates is a general admission test that IIT, GFTI, NIT & other institutes conduct in collaboration.These institutes offer technical courses for graduates.For this year,GATE 2020-21 is organized by IIT-D

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GATE or the Aptitude Test for University Graduates is a general admission test that IIT, GFTI, NIT & other institutes conduct in collaboration.These institutes offer technical courses for graduates.For this year,GATE 2020-21 is organized by IIT-Delhi. The application forms will be available on the IISc website in September. The notification of the exam and important dates will be announced by the official notification. This year, the international GATE exam will be held in other countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.


Dates of the exam GATE 2020 (provisional):

Exam dates 2020 The dates of all exam dates are listed below. Applicants may also see the date of the notification of the application form, the date of discharge of the ticket, the date of the result, etc.

Dates of the events

  • The start date of the online application is the first week of September 2019
  • Last filing date of the registration form in October 2019.
  • Date of correction of the online application form in October 2019
  • Application to move to the examination center, deadline in October 2019
  • Date of the ticket available in January 2020
  • The GATE exam date 2020 is in February 2020
  • Most important answer date Publication date after the exam
  • Result date declaration is in March of the week 2020.
  • The download of the scorecard is the 1st of May of the week 2020
  • The consultation starts in the second week of April 2020GATE 2020


Registration form:

  • The application form will be available on the official website from September 1. Gate’s Online Request Processing System (GOAPS) is used to register candidates to participate in the exam. To register at this web address, the candidate must provide a valid email address, a GOAPS password and a mobile phone number. Upon successful registration, the candidate will provide their GOAP registration ID. The candidate must use this GOAPS ID and personal password to log in to the application forms portal, provide relevant information and upload relevant documents. The image files that must be prepared for the GATE 2020 application include the candidate’s signature, the candidate’s fingerprint, the scanned images of the certificate or the exam sheet for the last semester.
  • The candidate must also decide how he wants to pay the fee before applying to the web portal. The fee for candidates and the candidate category is 750 R, for the No Reservation category of 1,500 R. The fee can be paid through Net Banking or E-Challan.


The eligibility criteria:

  • The GATE admission is for direct admission to postgraduate engineering studies. It is administered jointly by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and seven other Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Applicants who take the GATE 2020 exam must meet the eligibility criteria before submitting for the exam. The details of the eligibility criteria are listed below:
  • Candidates must have a Bachelor Degree in Science / BSc. Research from recognized University.
  • The candidate must have a Bachelor Degree i.e. B.E./B.Pharm/ B.Tech/ B.Arch from a recognized University.
  • Candidate should have a bachelor’s degree under 10+2+4 systems or any such equivalent. The candidate who has completed their Graduation under 10+2+3 system are ineligible for GATE.
  • The applicants having Master’s degree in any branch of Science/ Statistics/ Mathematics / Computer applications or equivalent-M.Sc/ MCA/M.A.
  • The applicants appearing in the final year of qualifying exam can also apply for exam provided they have to submit the certificate from the Principal of University or College.
  • Diploma Holders are not eligible for the examination.
  • The candidates, who have passed the qualifying examination, have to submit their certificate or degree certificate or provisional certificate.

GATE exam pattern:

  • The examiner assesses the knowledge of English candidates, general skills and subject-related subjects. The combined grades assigned to the subject matter are 85, while the General aptitude (including English) section has 15 points. The allocated time is 3 hours with a maximum of 100 points. The topic area is divided into subsections. For each discipline, the number of subsections and the total number of questions in the subsections may vary. It is recommended that the candidate refer to the appropriate discipline program to find subsections and later covered study programs. For example, the syllabus for the electronics and communications engineering discipline is divided into 8 subsections.
  • Number of Papers: 23 (different for every discipline)
  • Exam Mode: Online
  • Questions Type: You have Objective type questions each question have four multiple choice and Numerical
  • Number of Questions: 65
  • Maximum of Marks: 100
  • Marks Each Question: There is two type of question marking some question carry 1 marks and some questions carrying 2 marks.
  • Negative Marking: There is no negative marking for Numerical types question. For the 1 mark question will deduct the 1/3rd mark and 2 marks question will be deducted 2/3rd marks.
  • Exam Duration: 3 Hours
  • For paper codes: AE, BT, AG, CE, CS, CH, EC, EE, MN, IN, ME, PI, MT, PE, TF and XF

Subject Percentage of -Total Marks

  • Engineering Mathematics – 15%
  • General Aptitude – 15 %
  • Main Subject of the Paper – 70 %

For paper codes: AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, and XL.

  • Subject Percentage of Total Marks
  • General Aptitude – 15%
  • Main Subject of the Paper – 85 %

GATE Syllabus:

There are 23 papers held GATE Exam 2020, you can see above we mentioned. GATE 2020 Syllabus will different for each paper. The common section for each paper wills General Aptitude. You can find below the syllabus of General Aptitude:

  • GATE 2020 Syllabus for Botany
  • GATE 2020 Syllabus for Chemistry
  • Syllabus For Materials Science (XE-C)
  • Syllabus for Polymer Science and Engineering (XE – F)
  • Syllabus for Solid Mechanics (XE-D)
  • Syllabus of Thermodynamics (XE-E)

GATE 2020 Syllabus for General Aptitude:

  • Verbal Ability: English grammar, Sentence completion, Instructions, Verbal analogies, verbal deduction, word groups and critical reasoning
  • Numerical Ability: Numerical computation, Numerical estimation, Numerical reasoning and data interpretation
GATE 2020 Important Dates
Gate Online Application Processing System Website Opens 01st week of September 2019
Closing Date for Submission of Application 04th week of September 2019
Last date for requesting Change of Examination City 02nd week of November 2019
Admit Card Availability 01st week of January 2020
GATE 2020 Examination 01st week of February 2020
Result Announcement 02nd week of March 2020

GATE 2020 application process

The next step after reviewing the eligibility criteria is to complete the GATE 2020 application form. Completing the form is a prerequisite for additional processes such as obtaining the admission card, the appearance of the exam and other related processes. The GATE 2020 must be completely online. There is no other way to complete the application form for this exam.

GATE 2020 The application is completed through an online portal. In the application process, students must provide information such as name, applicant’s address, training information, etc. They also have to upload some important documents. After that, students must pay the registration fee for the exam. Applicants must ensure they complete all of these procedures before the final deadline.

GATE 2020 registration fee

Those who complete the registration form for GATE 2020 should know that they must also pay the registration fee. It is paid only in online mode. Applicants must make sure to pay the fee and verify that it has been processed. You can see the registration fee for GATE 2019 to get an idea of ​​the registration fee for the year 2020.

  • For exam cities in India
    The candidates Rs 750
    SC / ST / PWD Rs 750
    Other Rs 1500
    For exam cities abroad.
    In Addis Ababa, Colombo, Dhaka, Kathmandu USD 50
    In Dubai, Singapore, USD 100
    The registration fee must be paid well in advance of the last date. If students do not pay the registration fee, the application will not be considered and the student will not be able to take the exam.

Application validation and GATE 2020 remediation

Applications submitted for GATE 2020 will be verified to verify the accuracy of the data entered by students. The data includes loaded documents, signature clarity and photo. If an error is found in any of the data entered or in the documents loaded, the candidate will be notified by SMS and email.

Here students must eliminate all defects within the deadline immediately. If this is not the case, the application will be rejected and the student will not be able to take the exam.

GATE 2020 Eligibility Criteria

The students who shall appear for GATE 2020 Exam must first check the eligibility criteria for the exam. It is important to do so before going to the application form part. It is so because if the candidate applies for the exam without checking the criteria, the application is liable to be rejected. The eligibility criteria of GATE 2020 is as follows:

Age Limit- Candidates should note that there is no age limit for the exam. You can appear for the exam as many times as you wish to apply.

Qualifying degrees appropriate for GATE 2019:

Qualifying degree Currently in year / completed Year of qualifying not later than
BE / BTech / BPharm Final or completed 2020
BArch Final or completed 2020
BSc (Research) / BS 4th or completed 2020
MSc / MA / MCA Final or completed 2020
Int ME / MTech (post BSc) 2nd / 3rd / 4th or completed 2022
Int ME / MTech or Dual degree (after diploma or 10+2) 4th / 5th or completed 2020
Int MSc / Int BS-MS Final or completed 2020
Professional society exam equivalent to BE / BTech / BArch Completed section A or equivalent of such a course NA

GATE 2020 Exam Pattern

The next thing applicants should know about is the GATE 2020 test pattern. Students preparing for GATE 2020 should know the test pattern as it will allow them to better prepare. View the full exam pattern for the GATE 2020 exam.

The GATE 2020 exam consists of two types of questions:

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Type of numeric answer (NAT)

In the first part, the questions will be objective. Each question has 4 options in answer. The candidate must choose the correct answer from all given options. If the candidate gives the wrong answer, the grades are subtracted. The labeling scheme was given for this.

For the second type of questions, students must write the answers using the virtual keyboard available on the screen. The students will be provided with a simple calculator on the screen. The feature of this test is that there are no answers.

The expected test pattern for GATE 2020 is as follows:

Type of Examination: Computer-based Test (CBT)
Type of question: Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)
Total number of questions: 65

Distribution of questions: The question in GATE 2020 is distributed as follows:
55 questions on the chosen topic.
10 general questions to assess the applicant’s linguistic and analytical skills
The documents bearing the codes AE, AG, BT, CE, CH, CS, EC, EE, ME, MN, MT, PE, PI, TF
and XE, the Technical Mathematics will occupy about 15% of the overall score, the General Ability
The section covers 15% of the total qualifications and the remaining 70% of the total qualifications are devoted to the topic of the article.

In the documents with the codes AR, CY, EY, GG, MA, PH, ST and XL the section General qualification
15% of the final grade and the remaining 85% of the final grade will be devoted to the subject
of paper.

GATE 2020 Marking Scheme

The students should know the marking scheme as well for this exam. It is important at that time when the student shall be preparing for the exam and giving the mocks for this exam. Check the marking scheme for GATE 2020.

  • For the first type, which is MCQ based, 1 or 2 marks will be allotted for each of the questions. There is a negative marking as well. For the questions of 1 mark each, 1/3 marks will be deducted. For questions of 2 marks each, 2/3 marks will be deducted.
  • For the second type also, which is NAT type, 1 or 2 marks shall be allotted for each question. The main important thing which should be noted is that there is no negative marking in these type of questions.

The above-mentioned marking scheme is generalized for the complete GATE 2020 Exam. The students must know some details about the marking scheme for specific subjects and questions. Check it here.

a) General Aptitude (GA) Questions
In all the GATE 2020 Papers, GA questions shall carry a total of 15 marks. This section includes:

  • 5 questions carrying 1-mark each taking the sub-total to 5 marks.
  • 5 questions carrying 2-marks each making the sub-total as 10 marks.

b) Question Papers other than GG, XE and XL

The distribution of question for these papers shall be as follows:

  • 25 questions carrying 1-mark each (sub-total 25 marks)
  • 30 questions  carrying 2-marks each (sub-total 60 marks) consisting of both the MCQ and NAT

c) Geology and Geophysics Paper

The speciality of this paper is that apart from the General Aptitude (GA) section, the GG question paper shall consist of two parts as given below:

  • Part A- This is the compulsory section for all the candidates who shall appear for this exam.
  • Part B- This part contains two sections:
  1. Section 1 which is of Geology
  2. Section 2 which is of Geophysics

Those who are appearing for this exam must note that they will have to compulsorily attend the complete Part A and any one of the section in Part B. The distribution of questions in the paper will be as follows:

  1. Part A consists of 25 questions carrying 1-mark each (sub-total 25 marks and some of these may be
    numerical answer type questions).
  2. Either section of Part B (Section 1 and Section 2) consists of 30 questions carrying 2-marks each making sub-total 60 marks. Out of these, some may be numerical answer type questions.

d) XE Paper (Engineering Sciences)

The candidate who is appearing in the XE paper has to answer the paper in the following manner:

  1. GA – General Aptitude carrying a total of 15 marks.
  2. Section A – Engineering Mathematics (Compulsory): This section contains the questions in the following manner:
  • 11 questions carrying a total of 15 marks
  • 7 questions carrying 1-mark each giving a sub-total 7 marks
  • 4 questions carrying 2-marks each (sub-total 8 marks). Some questions may be of numerical
    answer type as well.
  • Any two of XE Sections B to H: Out of the 7 sections, the candidate shall answer only TWO optional sections. To change the section midway, the candidate wishing to change midway of the examination must deselect one of the previously chosen optional sections and then chose the other.
    The question distribution for each of it shall be as follows:
  1. 22 questions carrying a total of 35 marks
  2. 9 questions carrying 1-mark each giving sub-total 9 marks)
  3. 13 questions carrying 2-marks each (sub-total 26 marks). Some questions may be of
    numerical answer type as well.

d) XL Paper (Life Sciences)

The candidate who shall appear in this paper has to answer the following:

  • GA – General Aptitude carrying a total of 15 marks.
  • Section P– Chemistry (Compulsory): This section contains the questions in the following manner:
  1. 15 questions carrying a total of 25 marks
  2. 5 questions carrying 1-mark each (sub-total 5 marks)
  3. 10 questions carrying 2-marks each (sub-total 20 marks). Some questions may be of numerical answer type also.
  • Any two of XL Sections Q to U: This choice can be made during the examination after viewing the questions. Only TWO optional sections can be selected. Candidate can change the section midway by deselecting one of the previously chosen optional sections and then choosing the new one. The question  distribution in the sections as follows:
  1. 20 questions carrying a total of 30 marks
  2. 10 questions carrying 1-mark each (sub-total 10 marks)
  3. 10 questions carrying 2-marks each (sub-total 20 marks). Some questions may be of numerical answer type.

GATE 2020 syllabus

The students who are preparing for GATE 2020 must know all the papers and the syllabus  for which they can appear. They have to choose one subject only out of the list and appear for it. There are a total of 24 papers. Check the names of all the papers which are available for GATE 2020:

GATE 2020 Subject Code GATE 2020 Papers
AE Aerospace Engineering
AG Agricultural Engineering
AR Architecture and Planning
BT Biotechnology
CE Civil Engineering
CH Chemical Engineering
CS Computer Sc. and Information Technology
CY Chemistry
EC Electronics and Communication Engg.
EE Electrical Engineering
EY Ecology and Evolution
GG Geology and Geophysics
IN Instrumentation Engineering
MA Mathematics
ME Mechanical Engineering
MN Mining Engineering
MT Metallurgical Engineering
PE Petroleum Engineering
PH Physics
PI Production and Industrial Engineering
ST Statistics
TF Textile Engineering and Fibre Science
  • XE – A
  • XE – B
  • XE – C
  • XE – D
  • XE – E
  • XE – F
  • XE – G
  • XE – H
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Materials Science
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Food Technology
  • Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
  • XL – P
  • XL – Q
  • XL – R
  • XL – S
  • XL – T
  • XL – U
  • Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Botany
  • Microbiology
  • Zoology
  • Food Technology

GATE 2020 admission card

Students who complete the GATE 2020 enrollment form on time will only receive the GATE 2020 admission card. It will be available online at the official GATE 2020 website. Applicants should keep in mind that they will not be mailed.

The admission card for the GATE 2020 exam contains some important details, such as the name of the applicant, the role number and the timetables of the location and location of the test. Applicants should definitely bring the admission card along with a valid ID card to the exam room. Otherwise, students can not appear for the exam. You should also make sure that the candidate’s photo and the image of the signature on the GATE 2020 admission card are clearly legible.

GATE 2020 key answer and answer sheet

After completing the GATE 2020 exam, the candidate’s answer key and answer sheet will be available on the official website. Students who must take the GATE 2020 exam can download the answer sheet as soon as they are loaded.

The answer key for several GATE 2020 documents will be available online. Students can object to the official answer key. You must make sure that you present the challenges before the deadline. After the evaluation, the results of GATE 2020 Result and GATE 2020 Score Card will be made available to the selected candidates.

Calculation of the GATE 2020 score

The candidate’s final score for GATE 2020 will be calculated based on the number of jobs specified by the candidate. For a single-session document, the GATE 2020 score is the actual score assessed by them on the test. The normalization process is used for the role of multiple sessions. The calculation of the qualifications is different for each of them. The calculation of scores in both cases is based on a standardized formula. After calculating the results, the final scores are calculated and the GATE 2020 results are reported.

GATE 2020 Result

GATE 2020 Result will be declared on the official website after all the above-mentioned processes have been calculated. It will be released for all the GATE 2020 qualified candidates. The score will be valid for a period of 3 years from the date when the result has been announced. On the basis of GATE 2020 score, admissions for the M.Tech Programs and recruitments to various PSUs shall also be done.

GATE 2020 Scorecard

GATE 2020 qualified candidates shall be able to download their GATE 2020 Scorecard from the official website. The qualified students must ensure that they download the scorecard within the deadlines as mentioned in the official brochure. After the dates, the student has to pay some money to get the scorecard for GATE 2020 Exam. The aspirants should note that the hard copies of GATE 2020 shall not be available in hard copy format.

GATE 2020 Score for PSUs Recruitment

The GATE 2020 Score shall be used by Public Sector Undertakings or PSUs for the recruitment purpose. Major PSUs which conduct recruitment process through GATE 2020 Score are as follows:

  • BBNL
  • BEML
  • BHEL
  • BNPM
  • BPCL
  • BSNL
  • Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India
  • CEL
  • Coal India Ltd
  • DMRC
  • DRDO
  • ECIL
  • EdCIL India
  • GAIL
  • HAL
  • Haryana Power Utilities
  • HPCL
  • IOCL
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